SAFE HANDS REHABILITATION SOCIETY (SHRS), is a Chandigarh based organization  dedicated to the Welfare Services of Human Beings affected with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Hearing/ Visual/ Vocal Disabilities & Physically Handicapped, etc. SHRS is legally registered organization by The Government of India under The Society Registration Act 1860. The Society is also registered under 12A & 80G, Government of India. “SHRS” is working full time to enable these "Special People‟ of the human populace to achieve optimal possible capabilities to spend their lives like normal citizens of the society. Our projects include Empowering Children/ Individuals with Special needs, Education, Skills, Training, Health, Women Empowerment, Biometric/Psychometric, Assessment, Counselling, Organic Farming, and Solar Installations.


    Since the day Lockdown began in India due to the COVID -19 pandemic, SHRS has been providing food and relief to the needy for 7+ days where more than 10,000 persons have been provided with rations and help as per the help (Monetary and Physical) has been reaching us through people. Right now, 2 weeks are pending for the lockdown too, which in the worst-case scenario if increases or still if opens in 14 days, a lot of necessities are their like food, other ration, masks, sanitizer, medicines, lots of other things and awareness on COVID -19 of all at last that need to reach the people. For this, our team has been working continuously and tirelessly towards this cause but we are facing a shortage of funds to continue the help. For this, we need support which we will accept whole heartedly either in kind or in cash.


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    Awareness Presentation Activity

    1. Documentaries on Social Issues: In today's world Media is like oxygen to the Society. It plays the role of mirror in everyone's life. Media like newspapers, radio and television plays the role of acting as a bridge between the Government and the people. We are also generating awareness among people regarding the various Social issues through our documentaries. Visit them here.

    2. Major Initiatives: We worked with Chandigarh Administration to prepare a social documentary on ‘Accidental Protection Awareness’ to the public. In this documentary film, it was shown that if any person meets with an accident, anybody can pick the injured person and reach the hospital on Humanitarian grounds to help the victim and the Medical Officers are obliged to treat the injured right away, without waiting for the Police to have come to complete their formalities. Motive is to save the injured without causing any kind of delay.

    We have also made documentaries on Women Empowerment in which we have highlighted the struggle of various women fighting social ills like disability related stigma, domestic violence, caste suppression, etc. We have also recently made an inspiring Documentary on a young Cancer survivor and her victory over the dreaded disease.